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Catholic Relief services (CRS) is the official overseas relief and development agency of the united states Catholic Community, servicing in more that 80 countries world wide.

Catholic Relief services' (CRS) work is founded on the belief that each person possess a basic human dignity that comes directly from god. Because of this belief, we advance the intrinsic value and equality of all human beings and strive for systems and procederes that democratic fair and and equitable treatment of all people.

The principle of solidarity is a fundamental theme of Catholic social teaching and reminds us that we are one. One human family and brothers and sisters' keepers. It calls us to persue justice througtout the world , no matter lono distant the issues may seem.

Solidarity involves a shared understanding between people.Thus we must think in terms of both giving and recieving, so that we can see the face the poor, and recognise the human dignity of people who line, work and procy with a family.

At catholic Relief services we understand that we are part of wider global family and believe that our responsibilities to one another cross national, cultural and religious boundaries. Our work world wide is a concrete expression of the principle of solidarity, the inter dependance of all people living in cammunity and our responsiblity to keep our brothers and sisters.

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a) Sebsite : you are invited to visit our website to learn more about catholic relief sevices you will find up to date information about CRS involvement in emergencies , development programmes, refugee projects and much more . you can make a contribution on-line or if you have a specific question, send an e-mail to or call Doner services at 1-800-235-2772

For further information, kindly contact:

4/2, Orient Road
Post Box: 16030
Calcutta - 7009017
Tel: 91-33-2476433, 2471969
Fax: 91-33-240-8652
Mr. Thomas Gugrle
CRS -India Programme
Orissa Cyclone Relief(OFDA)
Bhubaneswar Camp Office
Catholic Church Hall,
9/16, Satyanagar

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